The Days Of Romance Back In Kashmir

Boss movies and it's producer Vijay K celliah leave no "snow" un turned when it comes to the matter of giving the best for excellence in shooting. When the director insisted on shooting the major part  of the action sequences of  "Ranga" in Kashmir where things were not conclusive enough for shooting the producer stood by his director's wishes and got the schedule done .

Sibiraj and Nikhila Vimal  the lead pair of  "Ranga" were left to literally "cool their heels" in Pahalgam and Gulmarg  in Kashmir for a melody. We shot the episodes of love,couple of Romantic songs , and plenty of action sequences in those locations.

"We have covered the major part of Kashmir as well the film in this schedule. It was very demanding in terms of cost and effort. But considering the out put which we are confident of delivering we were ready to face the challenges. Apart from the ever changing political and security reasons, Avalanches  tested us a lot.  The endurance of our unit made us excell inspite of these difficulties. Action choreographer and his team were astonishing .They set the chilly mountains on fire with their action sequences.The biggest pride was when our local manager said any other units than a Tamil film  unit could have walked out after this. We stood tall and stronger to prove him right . Now that we are back we find the tv scorching Sun much tougher than the avalanche itself " says Vijay K celliah.