Director SP Jananathan and Vijay Sethupathi Giving 100 Gold Coins To Cine Technicians

As far as the film industry is concerned, however talented and however commercially viable one is, not all prefer to give back to the industry whatever they received from the industry when the career graph is flying high! But there are exceptions; Vijay Sethupathi who took off to a humble yet powerful start with Seenu Ramasamy’s ‘Thermeerku Paruvakaatru’ is one such exceptional actor who came in willingly forward to give back what he has received from the film industry since his days of start!

How else one could possibly choose to celebrate May Day on May 1st which is basically dedicated to the hard working community of Laborers (and hence hailed as Laborers’ Day), especially with respect to all those voluminous labor force who toil hard behind to make things at the front to ‘glitter’!

‘Ulagayutha’ is basically the brain child of director S.P. Jananathan who started his colorful career as a filmmaker with the National award winning film, ‘Iyarkkai’ following it up with discerning films as ‘Peraanmai’. But Vijay Sethupathi walked in to add more pep to it by coming forward to contribute 100 gold medals (worth 1 sovereign) to 100 senior people from the film industry who had contributed immensely to the film industry and one cannot possibly think of a better way to celebrate 100 years of ‘talkies’!

Several film technicians from the film industry like R.K.Shanmugham (well known script writer for films) who had been associated with the late matinee idol, M.G.R., (penning the screenplay and dialogue for many of his films) were honored on the occasion. It is really a walk down the memory lane while he spoke of his association with the film industry as well as film personalities like M.G.R. and Sivaji Ganesan.

Several film personalities as Ameer, Cheran, M.S.Baskar, Perarasu, Rohini, P.C.Sreeram, R.K.Selvamani, Vikraman, Lenin (Editor), V.Sekar, Arulpathi, President of the Film Distributors’ Association etc graced the occasion by their presence and gave away the honors!Film Journalists as Nellai Bharathi (whose acceptance speech was punctuated with fervor and flavor!), Kalaipoonga Ravanan, ‘Devi’ Mani and Maalee were all honored on the occasion.
One other salient feature of the memorable event was the fact that it had provided a big platform for all those associated with the film industry to meet up and interact, emotional expressions gushing out from the bottom of their hearts!

In his address, Vijay Sethupathi was simply, ‘simplicity-personified’!

‘Everybody who received mentioned me as the ‘giver’; let me tell us this-I just gave back what I have received from the industry so far!’ he remarked.

While 99 gold sovereigns were given away to a select set of people, the 100th one was given to none other than director Seenu Ramasamy who holds the credit of having launched Vijay Sethupathi through ‘Thenmeerku Paravakaatru’ that marked the ’arrival’ of the actor who has tactfully managed to keep clear of the viscous circle of ‘image’, an avoidable factor as far as the film industry is concerned despite his trails with commercial potboilers once in a while!
Vijay Sethupathi’s gesture is certain to find a definite place in the history of Tamil Cinema as he managed to make it truly memorable!

More successful stars from the film industry can possibly take a clue…!