Rajini Sir Said That The Digital Mastering And The Subsequent Success Of Baashha Has Initiated A New Trend - Says Mr.Thangaraj Of Sathya Movies

The digitally re-mastered version of “Baashha” that was released on March 3rd, 2017 by “Sathya Movies” has received a huge reception from the entire Tamil film industry and general audiences especially from the hard core Rajini fans all over the world. This tremendous initiative has been taken by Mr. Thangaraj (Son of Mr. R.M. Veerappan) and he was much appreciated for his works by super Star Rajini Kanth recently.

The Digitally re-mastered version “Baashha” was released in 120 Theatres in Tamil Nadu alone, which is a huge number for any re-mastered version. It is a historic first for the Tamil Film Industry that a 50+ year old production company has done 2 major releases of the same film successfully after a period of 22 years. Rajini Sir was overwhelmed by the response that we got from his fans and also from the general audience especially the younger audiences. Recently Rajini Sir visited my father and sought his blessings. The meeting was very cordial. They discussed several topics for a while. Later he conveyed his appreciation for all my efforts and suggested that “Moondru Mugam” be digitized and released next.

He also asked about new production plans for Sathya Movies. One thing I must say that the major reason for the success of our digitally re-mastered “Baashha” is Rajini Sir’s personal involvement. We are in the process of initiating efforts to build the franchise of “Baashha” and are evaluating scripts, says Mr. Thangaraj of Sathya Movies in an enthusiastic tone.