Pichuva Kaththi Audio & Trailer Launch Stills

PICHUVAKATHTHI’ is all about the three playful youngsters who live in a village. At one particular period of time their playful minds make them to do a playful mistake, which puts all the three behind the bars. The Police official is ready to relieve them from the case, if he has been given a pretty huge amount as bribe. 

Since the trio doesn’t have that huge amount, they choose a different track through which they can earn the bribe amount, but the track they have chosen doesn’t have a smoother path.

After paying the bribe amount, the trio has been released from the case, but all the three has been attracted towards the illegal way through which they earned the bribe money. As a result they become as anti-social elements.

The questions what happens next, what happened to that bribe police officer, whether the three returned to normal life or not, forms the crux of ‘PICHUVAKATHTHI’.

Even at the highest temperature - 100 degree Fahrenheit, the entire unit of ‘PICHUVAKATHTHI’ has given their full support and cooperation for the shoot. The film was shot in Kumbakonam and Chennai.

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