Pa Paandi Movie Review And Rating

Cast :

Rajkiran as Paandian Pazhanisami (Power Paandi)
Prasanna as Raghavan
Revathi as Poonthendral
Chaya Singh as Prema
Rinson Simon
Delhi Ganesh
Robo Shankar
Vidyullekha Raman
Baby Chavi as Shaksha
Master Raghavan as Dhruv
Balaji Mohan

Cameo Appearances:

Dhanush as younger Paandian Pazhanisami (Power Paandi)
Madonna Sebastian as younger Poonthendral
Gautham Vasudev Menon
Baba Bhaskar

Crew :

Directed by Dhanush
Produced by Dhanush
Music by Sean Roldan
Cinematography Velraj
Edited by Prasanna GK
Production Company Wunderbar Films
Distributed by K Productions
PRO Riaz K Ahmed

Review : 

Pa Paandi film produced, written and directed by Dhanush, which marks his directorial debut. The film features Rajkiran in the title role, while Prasanna and Chaya Singh play pivotal role.

Dhanush has done well with his acting and has taken a place in Kollywood.  He has excelled himself both in the field of lyric writing and playback singing.  He had drawn the attention of the whole world by a single song.  He had done his best in Bollywoood too.  This admirable hardwork in him had made him victorious in Hollywood.  Irrespective of all this, he had another talent in him which had been proved in the directorial debut of this film, Power Pandi.

Senior citizen protagonist role is played aptly by Raj Kiran in this film who is a retired stunt master and had brought up his son Prasanna in a very nice and well-behaved manner.

Prasanna has kept his father well in his old age providing him all the facilities.  There was no daughter-in-law conflicts, no grandchildren roughousings, no apparent diseases of old age, still his father had issues poking his nose for social causes. The society calls him an old man, wants him to be locked inside a room and think nothing but his past and die someday

At one stage where he decides to live for himself writes a letter and leaves the home.  So the film is about where he goes, whether he lives in a manner he wanted, did the son, Prasanna searched his father, what happens to the loving grandchildren and so the movie goes on by striking all the right chords, though slightly melodramatic at times and the film does work quite well.  Instead of going big in an effort to produce a bang, he goes small with a slice-of-drama in the family.  The apt play of Rajkiran brings out the extraordinary talent that does the old aged people have this much of desires.  One stander dialogues are the basic strength of this movie.   The most brilliantly conceived and executed scenes of Dhanush, giving importance to the old age and the life of them.

Rajkiran without any intention in a soul searching experience goes on a road trip and happens to go in search of his first love and there the romantic story begins, the romance was still flourishing in that old man irrespective of his miss all these years.  He has shown that naturally in his flawless acting.  Revathy has marked her place after ages still more strongly again after long years in this industry showing her love towards her lover maturedly and beautifully.

Prasanna (Dhanush) has shown differentiation in acting where he scolds his father when he rags fights for social causes, but supports his love giving importance to the matured old age love.

Chaaya Sigh has perfectly fitted in her role with doing what she has to, nothing less and nothing more.  Both Director Gautham Vasudev menon and Robo shankar though appears in a single scene has marked their place.  Divyadharshini gets applause when she supports the first love of her mother (Revathy).  Madurai lady Madonna's make-up should have been slightly taken care.  Dialogues were simple and understandable and straight into the hearts is the driving force of this movie.

The underlying theme that the old people should stop living the lives of their children and grandchildren and must seek companionship of the opposite sex if necessary is a relevant message to the society.  Dhanush has proved again in his debut and definitely this is a diamond on his crown and still more to go.

On the whole Power Pandi is such a heartwarming 'slice of life' tale, an emotionally rewarding film which is worth watching.

Rating - 3.5/5

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