Music Scoring Of Aramm In The PKF – Prague Philharmonia - An Oscar Nominated Orchestra

We feel proud and honoured to share this significant news to media, press members that we are conducting complete Music Scoring for our upcoming movie Aramm in The PKF – Prague Philharmonia, an Oscar nominated orchestra !

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra is a classical orchestra, predominantly composed of Czech classical, jazz and guest musicians. The orchestra plays more than 250 recording sessions every year and that makes it one of the most recorded and respected orchestras in the world.

Scores have been made for film production companies such as Paramount, Sony, Lucasfilm and for Oscar nominated movies like Lord of the rings, Harry Potter and Game of thrones !

Ghibran, known for his perseverance and high caliber on the footsteps of legendary actor kamal haasan chose this orchestra for his next venture Aramm.

Aramm will be a notable one among international movies for its content based on real civic issues and for the orchestral score assuring high standards for a world wide premiere.

The need for raising standards of Tamil movies are inevitable. Ghibran emphasized it during Uttama villain premiere that garnered international awards and surprised world film prodigies.

And so we are here seeking your immense support to promulgate Aramm to a wide spectrum of audience and ignite world wide fame for our industry

Cast and Crew

Starring Nayanthara
Direction by Gopi Nainar
Art director  Lalgudi N Ilayaraja
Editor Gopi Krishna
Music Ghibran
Produced by KJR Studios