Bench Flix’s Next Flick ‘Thisaiyriyaar’ Is A Tribute To All Foreign Contract Workers

The pride and popularity of the most renowned Short film promoter BENCH FLIX is growing up day by day by the release of various quality short films. Bench Flix is becoming as the hope of ray for all the unidentified young and talented creators. After introducing a bunch of such talents to Tamil film industry, Bench flix has now added two more Directors, Sundar and Gopi GPR to the list through their next short film ‘THISAIYARIYAAR’.

Many may think that the foreign contract workers lead a luxurious life with great income, but it is not the actual truth. We all know of people living in Dubai, Singapore, Australia, US and all across the world for making those small or big money.. But, have we thought of what they really miss? The 8 minutes short film THISAIARIYAAR will be an emotional episode of one of such stories.