Beauty And The Beast Are The Two Faces Of Vanamagan Says Director Vijay

“Everything which helps us to exist is holy! And the jungle is the holiest of the holy for us!” is an old saying and this has to be accepted by each and every one of this universe, at least on this auspicious ‘International days of forests’.  Not all the filmmakers have the thought of connecting a social cause with their films, but there are few who can strongly sow those social causes in the hearts of Audience. Director Vijay is one among them.  The artistic filmmaker is now moved deep into the woods by his jungle tale ‘VANAMAGAN’ that has Jayam Ravi and Sayeesha in the lead roles.

“On this ‘International Forest Day’, on behalf of my entire Vanamagan team, I extend my wishes to all the people who loves and respect green. Jungles always have two faces, one is beauty and the other one is the Beast. Our Vanamagan, the protector of Jungle too have those two qualities. We are very confident that the Love of People towards the jungle will be multiplied through our Vanamagan” says Director Vijay in an enthusiastic tone.

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