Unnoda Ka Movie Stills

An unbelievable scenario at EVP amusement park struck the passersby in complete amazement to see the luxurious wedding backdrops. It wasn’t merely about the floral designs and colourful decorations of art, but beautiful dancers from Mumbai adding more grandeur. It indeed turned the entire ambiance with a surprise look of how could a shooting spot turn into a grand wedding hall. The swelling population of artistes made the venue much bigger.

Such was the impactful effort of Unnodu Ka crew as it shot a magnificent wedding song that involved innovative works of Costume Designer Ramya, Dance master Kalyan and Art director Senthil Kumar… Definitely, with the musical realms of Sathya and top-notch visuals by cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan, the song would surely become an integral part of wedding ceremonies to relish upon.

The film is directed by RK and is produced by Mrs Nallamai ramanathan  for Abrami Mega Mall Production Team with Aari and Maya playing the lead role  with Bala Saravanan and Misha Ghoshal playing the alternative lead.The star-cast is a constellation of promising actors like Prabhu, Oorvashi, Thennavan, Mansoor Ali Khan, Mano Bala, Sri Ranjini, Subbu Panchu, Shanmugha Sundaram, Bala Sarvanan, Misha Ghosal, Chams, Raja Singh and many more. Penned by Abiramai Ramanathan who has got loads and loads of commercial experience in the Tamil film Industry 'Unnodu Ka' is believed to be a family entertainer.