Rajathandhiram Ii – Heist Gets Bigger This Time

The burglarious masters are back in action, this time with a much more collusive mission. Surprising the showbiz with a tale of stark thriller, ‘Rajathandhiram’ offered its course of sumptuous entertainment to the audiences. It naturally gave an instigating spark towards final credits, what if the film runs into a sequel. Apparently, it all happens and the 6-minute trailer released yesterday has surmounted everyone’ inquisitiveness.

The 6-minute drama featuring the same star-cast including Veera gives a clear impression of what the sequel is going to be all about. According to filmmaker Senthil Veerasamy, a former associate of Gautham Vasudev Menon who embarks on his directorial debut with this film claims that the plot is set one year from the first installment. The three characters that had chosen to stay behind the bars for heist job are approached with a new task….

The trailer has been incessantly flashed up with acclaims and appreciations across the film industry. What adds sparkling Midas-touch to the trailer is scintillating background score by Maestro Ilayaraja.