Pugazh from March 18

Some of the greatest moments in history happened with a spark over some voices were raised for the right and justice.  Especially, March 18 before 94 years witnessed Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi broke out a revolution against British that shook the world. Many such events have been occurring over times and it still continues to happen.

The contemporary youth cohorts have been showing more interest towards the societal needs and have been relentlessly raising their voices until the justice is done. The fictional tale of ‘Pugazh’ directed by Manimaaran would be a film that revolves around a happy-go-lucky chap, who is urged by situations to fight for the justice. With the season of elections spreading out its realms with a stronger intensity, ‘Pugazh’ has significance about Youth’s involvement in politics laced with commercial ingredients.

According to filmmaker Manimaaran, the fictional tale of Jai-Surabhi starrer ‘Pugazh’ is about a youngster, for whom the playground across his neighbourhood has remained an integral part of his life. When a political threat impinges upon the playground, which has been the source of happiness to the youngsters, it’s time for the protagonist to wake up for the situation of confrontations…

‘Politics’ set as the major backdrop in Pugazh doesn’t confine the film in a serious scenario, but is packaged with a much engrossing ingredients of action, comedy, romance and sentiments.