Thiruttu VCD Movie Review

Cast : 

Sakshi Agarwal

Crew : 

Director      : Sukumar
Producer   : PC Prabaharan
Production House  : VPA Medias
Music   : Jithin Roshan
Lyrics    : Murugan Manthiram
PRO   : Nikkil

Review : 

Prabha is a commission agent of illegal currency gang and got an assignment to abduct a statue from Tuticorin through tempo traveller. To help for accomplishing his assignment, Prabha appoints the drama artists Sugumar, Devadharshini and Reethu as assistants without disclosing the truth and lying them that they are going for shooting.

When the matter comes to light that there is also the brown sugar in that wagon, the assistants start to terrify but they are being specified by Prabha on promising more money. While they are returning from Tuticorin, the Villain group chase them to capture the statue, but at the same time, ironically, a police team comes forward to help Prabha gang. Ultimately what happened? – That is the climax.

‘Kaadhal Sugumar’ is need to be taught how to take good comedy film as there are some grammatical aspects for good comedy films. No one will object if we conduct a debate on who are better fools? Police or Villain gang?

It is really looks silly when we see the punches of Senthil, who enters like a superman in climax. To provide good film, one is no need to entirely depend on budget but on other important features like screen play and dialogue etc.

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