Ko 2 to follow Ko

R S Infotainment, the firm behind the Himalayan success of Ko are all set to repeat their magic with KO 2. The hype around KO 2 starring Bobbby Simha , Prakash Raj and Nikki Galrani is all evident in the positive buzz the movie had created with the glimpse of the music by the young Musical sensation Leon James.The production unit known for their innovative promotion skills had a Musical preview of KO 2 which was appreciated by one and all present for the innovative presentation and enthralling Music by Leon James.Thrilled with the result that was derived , The producer Elred Kumar says' Iam very glad that KO 2 is creating very strong positive vibes as KO did. Initially it looked only the genre of the film was parallel, but now thanks to the vibrant and youth ful presentation of Leon James KO 2 is all set to match the musical standard of KO. We take immense pride in declaring Leon James as the find of the year.We are launching the music of KO 2 tomorrow (October 1st) and we are sure it will find place in the top of the musical charts.This will be the perfect curtain raiser to the most expected film Ko 2 ,directed by Sarath.