Vinodhan under the banner of Prabhu Deva Studios

 'Unique' subjects corner attention and if the title portrays the characterization of the 'Lead' the attention the film gets will be bigger , and it becomes biggest if the producer happens to be a national brand like  Prabhu Deva.Prabhu Deva studios proudly present 'Vinodhan' based on  a man of unique and peculiar life style that plays havoc in life.This psycho emotional romantic dark comedy film  caters to all section of the audience says the debutant director Victor Jayaraj , a former associate of Director Vijay.

Elaborating further on this project gaining momentum being one of the three projects produced by Prabhu Deva studios, The director added ' i was always disillusioned with the human physiology portrayed in our cinemas. It is an intensified subject that will have plenty of dimensions The protagonist of my maiden film ' Vinodhan' will be a classic example of this quality.'Vinodhan'  will have Varun as a hero. Varun is the grand son of Yesteryear actor the late Isari Velan. I met Varun in a acting work shop for Antony’s' Night show' in which he had played a major role.His commitment and zeal to win attitude impressed me instantly. This was the time i was actually developing the script of 'Vinodhan' too. Some how from that moment on wards i felt i have shaped the face of the protagonist of my script. Varun is the perfect choice my inner conscious thought but still  waited  for the endorsement from others to strengthen my opinion on this. We happened to see the rushes of 'night show' and i was thrilled beyond words. My thought process is endorsed. I could hear the guests talking about him and i wasted no time in narrating the script to him. Of course It was the final nod from my producer Prabhu Deva sir what i anxiously waiting for and his response was an instant 'Yes'.  

Vinothan is  based on my real life. This is predominantly a psycho-emotional movie collaborated with romance blending with a dark comedy in it, the music will be scored by  Imman sir while Madan Karky has penned the dialogues. The selection of the heroine is process . I thank My producer Prabhu Deva for providing me the plat form to excel and i am sure and confident of positioning my self .My success will be the key to new directors like me to pitch in major projects to big companies like Prabhu Deva studios in future ' concluded victor firmly.