Vandha Mala Movie Review and Rating

Cast :

Sri Priyanka
Mahanadi Shankar
Vietnam Veedu Sundaram

Crew :

Director       : Igore
Producer       : S. Jayaradhakrishnan
Music Director    : Sam.D.Raj
Cinematographer : Maari Venkatachalam
Editor         : A.L.Ramesh
Costumes     : Natraj
PRO        : Nikkil

Review :

Four slum youngsters from Chennai Chetpat who does chain robbery. In that four, one is hero Tamil. In the same area, where heroin also there called Vasantha, who's father was flour mill owner. This was in one side. The other side, the person who feels to provide nasty to the nation, villain makes his wife to house arrest. The lady who was in the house, feel to escape and decided to put her chain outside the house and writing "who ever helping me will get 2 crore".  She written this into a bit of paper including the chain and putting outside her house on the road. Unfortunately, the hero gets this chain. Does he takes that lady out and protected the nation or not? the film goes.

A very smart and energetic youths like Tamil, Prasad, Udaya, Hitler. Four of them body language, slang are very appropriate in this film. Heroine, Sri Priyanka (Vasantha) acted her part nicely. After a long break, Vietnam Veedu Sundaram acted as a retired rowdi who tries to act perfect.The story of this film was some what good and not so much powerful.

Cinematographer Maari Venkatachalam, Editor Ramesh both done their work clearly. Deva sang a song, which makes to here again again by music director Shaam T. Raj. But background music should be concentrated more.

Rating : 2.5/5

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