Yoogan Movie Review

Cast :

Pradeep Balaji
Shakshi Agarwal

Crew : 

Director                      : Kamal. G
Music                         : Rashanth Arvin
Background Score  : Alex Preamnath
Editing                      : Kamal. G
Cameraman             : Ravi Arumugam
PRO                           : Nikkil

Review :

Yoogan Movie directed by Kamal G. Produced by Twins Production. Yasmith, Sithu, Shiam, Pradeep Balaji, Manjoi and Shakshi Agarwal play the lead roles. Cinematography by Ravi Arumugam.

Yasmith, Sithu, Shiam, Pradeep Balaji, Manjoi all working together in IT company. From one them, Manoj murdered secretly. The other friends shocked and giving complaint to police. Police investigating the remaining four. And then, Shiam and Pradeep Balaji also murdered secretly. After than, Police started to investigate severly. POlice again investigated the remaining Yasmith and Sithu and also severly searched for the murderer.

From this investigation, they come to know that they are murdered after they got an MMS from a girl. Who is that girl? What is the reason behind this? the remaining two of them are murdured or not? the film goes. Hero Yasmith acting was very good. Friends of him Sithu, Shiam, Pradeep Balaji, Manoj all done very perfectly. Heroine Shakshi Agarwal have no work in first half. In the second half, she expressed her acting nicely.

The daily issues of IT company and from that he directed a shocking and horror movie. Simple script, but good handling. Kamal Kumar is the director of this film, who edited this film by his own. Without graphics he gives the films with good quality. Rashanth Arvin's music was somewhat okay. He even more concentrate in his background music. Cinematography by Aarumugam gives strength to his film.

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