Director Satish Chandrashekar says about Jinn

The title ‘Jinn’ sounds tipsy but the young debut director says its tricky, yes the title jinn which is named after angels and holy spirits, this is a story based on a dread ground.  5 Friends 3 days and 1 is possessed is all about jinn. The horror comedy film is jointly produced by Rameez Raj Productions and Sathish Chandrasekaranin Kadhaigal.  
“Jinn a usual travel story with an unusual episode where five of the friends Kalai ,Hari , Kali Venkat , Arjunan, Munish Kanth jam up and conclude with a hilly travel to Vaalpaarai. It’s the happiest moment to be with friends for an outstation trip but not with a haunted pal.”

“Jinn is a horror comedy venture with all added ingredients , to make the jinn more realistic we had a big hunt for the location and finally ended up with two century old humongous bungalow alienated by fifteen acres where MGR’s Anbe Vaa and Rajini’s Thambikku Yendha Ooru was filmed.”

“Based on the script the primitive required element was darkness which was abounded but the bungalow was packed by wandering carnivorous where we had to take help of high beam lights and forest guards to secure us.”

“I can say it was an easy task for me to work on the script and screen play of the movie , the only tough job was to recall my old memories closing my eyes, YES  Jinn is a real story based on my own experience, I was one among the five”,says director Satish Chandrashekar.