Badminton Premier League is Awareness of The Game to Our Sentamizhnaadu

We have a good memory that our school age had many seasons where we divide our young age into particular sessions to games one such unforgettable time in every individuals life is badminton .Badminton is a  the second most played popular sport in India, to stimulate our childhood and to give a mass awareness concerning to badminton we  are blessed to have a event like Badminton Premier League (BPL)

Badminton Premier League is going to hit in recent weeks on Chennai in a massive way where the rigid  motto is to bring the an awareness of the game to our sentamizhnaadu. As a initiation the event was inaugurated today at Forum Mall at the midst of mass population by our young musical king Yuvan Shankar Raja and he is also the brand ambassador of BPL and K B Arun Karthick - IPL & Ranji cricketer were also decorating the stage with Yuvan .The add on to the event was the launch of the six franchises team members BPL logo, BPL theme song and team jersey.

The team is divided by the intriguing name prefixed by their town title like Chennai Singams, Madras Lions, Vellore Warriors,Kovai Kings,Marina Smashers, Madurai , Veerans. The.The league has 6 franchises representing the National, State Players, Corporate Players, Cine Celebrities  and this the only platform where they can play with international Badminton players