Uppu Karuvadu Prepared and Deliver Soon

Director Radha Mohan's 'Uppu Karuvadu' is nearing completion.The breezy entertainer with Karunakaran and Nandita in the lead, promises to fill the industry's gap of being a content rich film in the current scenario. Produced by 'First Copy  Pictures' and 'Night show Cinema'  Uppu karuvadu has been shot at a rapid pace without compromising on quality.

With 90% of shooting completed the crew is currently filming the final portions . In the words of Radha Mohan "Thanks to all the artistes and technicians the shooting went  as per schedule. Most importantly without  compromising on quality. Like all my earlier films where language is the key factor, with a little effort in dubbing, this film too blends the power of silence as well as power of words beautifully.  Karunakaran plays a boy next door. His choice of characters and his versatility will take him places. 'Uppu Karuvadu' will undoubtedly accelerate his growth.  Nandita is an artiste to  be nurtured. She does not bind herself into a typical heroine shell and explores every opportunity.

Finishing the film in a given time is not the efficiency of the Director alone but requires solid  support from the Producer. I am very fortunate to have Ramjee Narasiman as my producer. The musical score by Steeve Vaatz has definitely added  depth to the film.  Mahesh Muthuswamy has captured some extraordinary visuals which is important to attract audience.  Like my earlier films this film too will have MS Bhaskar, Kumaravel, and Chams in important roles. You will find Dance master Sathish also in an important role.

'Uppu Karuvadu' would entertain you with meaningful comedy and get you to relate with the characters on screen  finishes Radha Mohan softly but strongly.