Nandhitha Das is my Role Model – Says ‘Kallappadam’ Lakshmi Priya

Film heroines always has a short career span. During the course of their peak time they rule the industry with all the majesty. Media and  audience would be curious to know every pinch and part of her life. But once the opportunity filled years gets over none cares for her and feels for her. They face many struggles for getting back to the lime light and pride they were enjoying once . Lakshmi Priya of ‘Suttakadhai’ fame is donning one such role of a heroine who struggling to make her mark in the film Kallappadam.   

“ Lakshmi priya,is a very dedicated artiste. She plays a character called Leena in this film. When I drew the  characterization of this role, I wanted a person who is fond of performance oriented role to do the role . Lakshmi, was apt for the role. Leena, is a woman who fights against her defeats and tries out every other thing that would fetch herself out of the situation she is facing.”, Says Vadivel J, the debut director.

“ When Vadivel sir narrated the character I was feeling happy. This is the female lead in the film and it had lot of scope for performance. I had very little dialogue portion but this character moves the story forward. I would love to play meaningful characters like Actress Nandhitha Das. This character Leena is a bold , straight forward girl who would grab audience’s attention.” Says Lakshmi Priya, erstwhile theatre artiste.