Editor Gaugin Cut's in Kallapadam

Recent happenings have been indicating that the editor's job is being stress full, and here is Editor Gaugin who has  found an way out of stress and landed himself as an actor.

I was initially into spot editing with Mysskin sir. He calls me Gaugin which is a character from a Russian Novel, but i never know why.  “A Film gets the life in editors table” was that one single phrase which pulled me into this profession and iam proud to be an editor. Says Gaugin haughtily
 I was shocked to hear that crew is the cast., but could not say no to acting but couldn't resist the offer as i felt it was closer to my heart. Kallapadam will actually reveal my identity to my near and dear in my native town. People from home think I work in Chennai but they will get puzzled if they see me  on screen.As a matter of fact they never know that i am an editor too.

I always sit in my table and cut the unwanted shots and make fun of people and their acting but when my turn came I was little choked, to avoid such circumstances I converted my shooting Spot as my editing timeline, I had a keen knowledge of in and out, so I start and end the acting as I snip on edit table .I felt like a student waiting for the result in the media show yesterday , and i moved down to tears when we heard their praises which i will treasure for ever. “Says editor turned actor Gaugin