Actress Lakshmi"s Moone Moonu Vaarthai

Actress Lakshmi , an actress of elegance and diversed knowledge about cinema. The actress who is acting with fourth generation actors is seem to be happy with the way the youngsters approach cinema. The national award winner is excited about her new bilingual film ‘Moone Moonu Vaarthai’ directed by Madhumitha.

“ The film’s crew is totally new to me except SPB sir. The  The film is a romantic comedy. Director madhumitha wanted us to act as father and mother of 25 year old Arjun one of the lead in the film. We were not sure about this idea and we opted to play as granny later. Actually SPB sir and myself acted as a pair in Telugu Movie ‘Mithunam’. This is the first time we are acting together in tamil”

“ It is not big issue for me to play grandmother role since I was playing the very same role in the film ‘Jeans’ years before. Afterall, I am also a grandmother in real life too. “ When asked her experience about acting in a film directed by a female director “ Today female directors are very creative and confident. Madhumitha exactly knows what she wants. This made her to direct a bilingual film within a short span of time with no confusions. Tamil cinema still uses heroines a doll for commercial purpose. They are not either acknowledged for their work or deprived of their skills. ” Says the ever bold actress Lakshmi.

“    I wish the kids Arjun, Venky, Adithi and Director Madhumitha a very success for all their future endeavors. I would also congratulate and SP Charan for producing this movie with a new colour. This is a film to be enjoyed with all our family members.” Says  Lakshmi the ever beautiful smile.